Bjarne Johansen


Bjarne Johansen is an experienced craftsman with over 35 years experience as a thatcher and with carpentry.

However in recent years more and more of his time has gone with creative constructions, either functional objects or artworks.

Bjarne’s father was a carpenter, and he has thus since childhood felt at ease in workshops.

  • 1976: Apprentice as a thatcher
  • 1977: Bjarne goes to The Netherlands to learn the Dutch style of thatching
  • 1977 – 1982: Apprentice in The Netherlands. Becomes the first certified thatcher in Denmark.
  • 1982 – 1987: Work as a thatcher in a Danish firm
  • 2004 – 2009 :Teacher at the thatcher education on the Craftman school in Hadsten.
    The only place in Denmark to get training as a thatcher,
  • 2012: After 25 years with ”Tækkemanden fra True” Bjarne is up for new challenges.
    This is where the sauna and other projects come into play.


Selected previous work:

Bjarne has for years been used by the museum sector, particularly because of his familiarity with
ancient techniques learned in The Netherlands. For example:

  • Teacher and consultant at the Fyrkat Viking farm
  • Work for the Archaeological World Congress in Stavanger, Norway:
    Reconstruction of a Bronze Age house
  • Repairs at the Moesgård Viking Museum
  • Teacher at the thatcher education on the Craftman school in Hadsten:
    Bjarne had the job as a specialist teacher at Denmark’s only thatcher education because of
    his knowledge of many different kinds of thatching and his craftsmanship experience.
  • Thatched over 300 complete roofs throughout his career



Material and artisanal experience:

  • Bjarne has worked and works with all kinds of crafts, except forging and electricity.
  • All kinds of materials are used in Bjarne’s work, but with 35 years experience working with reeds, it has a natural and important place in the work.