Concept and Presentation


Would you like a unique building structure, made on nature’s terms?

Bjarne Johansen is a Danish thatcher who makes unique projects of all kinds of material, both to the garden and the house. The natural materials give the idea and more or less determine the final look of Bjarne’s works. A project is based on what is in the material itself, and is then worked on, by use of materials such as straw and wood. Bjarne can build more or less everything, and has always lots of ideas and a desire for challenges. Read more about Bjarne’s ideas and projects below or feel free to call and have a chat.


The thatched sauna:

One of Bjarne’s projects is the thatched sauna, here presented as an example
of what he can offer. If you would like a sauna in your backyard, you can see
this as an example of what can be done, but not as a prototype for what will
be made. All Bjarnes projects are unique and are built according to the
customer’s desired look and material. The sauna is built in Bjarne’s back yard,
and can best be described as a unique and skewed, thatched building.
It can be turned on from inside the house, and is up to 90 degrees hot in
less than half an hour.
It contains a real sauna stove, is filled with lava rocks, and has room for 6 people.
Read more about the sauna below and click your way into the gallery to see more pictures.


How the sauna was built:

  • The sauna is built on a 2 m² concrete foundation
  • The shape is made ​​of oak beams, which forms the standing base
  • The inside of the sauna is completely coated with willow and a chalk mixture
  • The outside of the sauna is thatched with reed from head to toe
  • Top coated with Dutch tiles
  • All cables are buried




Sauna details:

  • Room for 6 persons
  • Up to 90° celsius in 30 minutes
  • Turns on from inside the main house or via mobile
  • Outdoor shower
  • Cold storage room for water and wine
  • Speakers




Ideas for possible constructions:

  • Sauna
  • A thatched greenhouse. – Pyramid shaped greenhouse with thatched corners
  • A thatched parasol – Organic parasol, exclusively in the common reed
  • Garden house / shed / garage / shelter
  • Playground
  • Thatched pavillon on turntable , to always face the sun